Over 10 Years ago there was a depression that hit the the 7 Villages on the island of Hentanami and was threaten by the Military.The first town was Degrad the second was Arsha the third was Lonis the fourth was Kosa the fifth was Mono the sixth was Welt and the seventh was Minamoto.The depression was so bad it started a war with the 7 towns and more than 10,000 people were killed and the Military is still bigger than ever.The reason for all the problems was because the Military made all men of the house household work 15 hours a day,and their paychecks would be cut in half as well.One man stood up for the villages his name was Sengoku Hencachi he started the war with the Military he was swift ninja also known as a Shinobi because he went a martial art school called 2Star Yang School.He was good but didn't match the power of the Military he was killed in his own house 2 years after he was spared.He didn't go down in vain he changed his childhood school into 5Star Ying-Yang Martial Art School.This is the Start of Hencachi Story. After the 10 years the Depression of Alagsa was not known to any of the children that were left behind by the parents that were slaughter by the wrath of the Military only a few knows of the tragic thing that happen to their families.Now 6 of the towns made martial art school as well after the depression the villages had a hatred for each other so they divided their villages away and started their own martial art schools.The Military found that interesting so the started monthly tournaments to see who was the best and they also put their lives on the line.The tournaments would never be fair because the Military made them fight for their villages individual rights.The reason why the seventh village didn't have a school was because the village was destroyed by a demon child named Kenn Yaiba later known as Nightmare. The student that came from thees school were not to be played with just because they were 10 and up.They were taught to use their inner and outer Chi and could project powers and use weapons as if they were 100 years in training,but with powers their is a cost you must always be on your guard because in this story your alias could turn int your enemy very quick.

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