Also known as the Pitch Black Organization

Society of Chaos(暁 ? meaning "Lonewolf" or "Outcast") is a fictional organization of criminal Alchemy ninja in the anime and manga series Hencachi Story. All of the members are criminals as they have betrayed their village of origin and banded together for the ultimate purpose of world domination. Society of Chaos is initially introduced midway into the first part of the series, though does not begin acting as a major antagonist until the start of the second part.They are dressed in a black robe with hood and a ying yang sign on the back.YingyangThe Society of Chaos Yin and Yang represents much more than Light (White) and Dark (Black) the (Red) represents blood shed and the (black) represents dark time.Since they all are full of hate and pure evil.

Current membersEdit

Amazulu Edit

  • Age: 22
  • Partner: None
  • Special kill Drain
  • Voice actor: None (Hencachi Story Episodes 40-45)

Amazula is the leader and the creator of the Society of Chaos he is the most power full in the whole group because not only is very strong but he is a reincarnation of Rator which means he already possess demon blood and is among the only reincarnations that are still living and fights on his own freewill.

When Amazula was created Rator was supposed to have him to kill Kashima Konochi because of what he did to his people, but when Amazula was created Rator mistakly put a Chi Regrowth Serum to his potion so when Amazula came out he was nothing as to expected of a reincarnation because it couldn't be controlled.

Amazula created the Society of Chaos when he entered the Tournament 5. When he was on the last match his power increased so much that the Military sent out guards to maintain his power,he was banned form the tournaments and his village from killing a guard out of pure anger and no self control.They told him "No one without control and order will not ever fight in this lifetime again" they called him the Chaos Demon.


  • Age:24
  • Partner FormelyDinomite now X
  • Special 12:Dragons of Hell
  • Voice actor: None

Dice used to be a street performer,gambler,and a thief.Not only that he could perform alchemy.He didn't do it alone his best friend was Ace but Ace went to the Military and left Dice to root on the streets but Amazulu took pride in those who had been left behind and forgotten about and not only that be he could perform alchemy so Amazulu took him in as his one of his student's and taught him a skill.Amazulu only teaches alchemy with material you already have he had dice so he used those with his alchemy power 1 - 12 the dice would land on one and he would summon what ever lied in the part. Look below

Doubles double the attack power

1.Dragon Summon 2.Black Tiger 3.Persian Eagle 4.Shark Attack 5.Pitch Black Wolf 6.Bull Horns 7.Lions Fangs 8.The Legendary Crane 9.Big Black Bear 10.Fox Fire 11.Snakes of Vanity 12.Dragons of Hell


  • Age: 17
  • Partner: Tabaku Kazahey
  • Special Fast and painless
  • Voice actor: None

When Amazulu found Lant he was nothing but a broke street thug who family he never met.Lant never been to a tournament so he wasn't kicked out but the fact that he was a lone wolf that amazed Amazulu so he took him in.

Lant was different from the rest of the people in the group he had already acquired a special ability he could was a street fighter and because of that he could move really fast that his feet turn into spike or any thing sharp.So Amazulu took him under his wing and trained him. He was like a son-figure to Amazulu untill Amazulu meet Tabaku Kazahey.Even though he didn't like Tabaku hes force to be on the same team as him because thats his partner.


  • Age:20
  • Partner: Slug
  • Special Twisted Metal
  • Voice actor: None

Raku and Slug are the longest remaining people in the group since it was called Pitch Black Organization and was ruled by Pitch Black Nail the supreme leader.Since then he has been awaiting the a rival of Pitch Black Nail.

Raku is Amazulu right hand man, because he is so experienced.He uses the technique of [Longasude]? > A technique that projects metal ropes from your body<.He could almost beat Tabaku Kazahey.

Raku was born into the Pitch Black Organization.

Ryuu Genzo(Elemental Overload)Edit

  • Age:15
  • Partner: Doesn't claim anyone in the group
  • Special Overload Element Ball
  • voice actor Sean Mounday

For more info.. go to Ryuu Genzo


  • Age: 23
  • Partner: Raku
  • Special Regurgitated Acid
  • Voice actor: None

Tabaku KazaheyEdit

  • Age: 15
  • Partner: Lant
  • Special The Final Haze of Supernova Illusion
  • Voice actor: None

Tabaku Kazahey was the first to be recruited in the group at such a young age of 12.He had the power to increase all his sense tenfold and couldn't be touched Its called the Tabuku-Illusion he could use his eyes to see anyone Chi Point and he could use his ears to determine were you would attack and he could use his nose to smell any thing and anyone any were at any place.His power were to strong for his on use so he joined the Society of Chaos.

Amazulu took him in and forgot all about his other subjects such as Lant.He trained the Tabuku-Illusionto do much much more than use senses it also has the ability to enhance his reflexes by 50% and he could dodge any thing someone throws at him in a heartbeat.He could also fight someone with his eyes closed.Tabaku was Amazulu star pupil until Ryuu Genzo came to the society.

Tabaku Kazahey was probably the strongest in the group along side with Amazulu but ever since Ryuu Genzo came in the group his power seemed so useless.


  • Age ?
  • Partner Dice
  • Special Face Eat
  • voice actor: None

X was recruted in the group after Dinomite and Vicktor were killed.He was a Nohbody so he was born with no face.So he made a hobby eating peoples faces after they were slaughtered.He then tried to eat Tabaku Kazahey face but being the warrior that he is he beat X.X thought it was great to finally lose so he asked Tabaku Kazahey to give him power and he brought him to the Society of Chaos.Were he was thought to see without eyes to and to smell without a nose and to talk without a mouth.He has to big eyes on his hand to see his enemy.His sword takes the face of his enemy and he eats them, also known as >Face Eat<.

Former MembersEdit


  • Age: 19
  • Partner: formly X and Vicktor before that
  • Special Life Drain
  • Voice actor: None


  • Age: 21
  • Partner: FormlyDinomite
  • Special Chain Reaction
  • Voice actor: None


The Society of Chaos believe that the world should be mayhem and every should run their own rules and do what they want to.They dislike anyone who believes in control so thats why their only true hate are the military because of they have order and they think the can handle any situation. They also dislike the Gilgos because they are always getting in their way of destroying the military. The Gilgos later become their sworn enemies in the second part.They don't attack just anyone they have boundaries and will power.Like Drake and his gang get into a lot of trouble with them because Drake tries to play the hero and help everyone they try to kill.

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