Sin-Chi, or techniques, are moves that you can project that consist of inner and outer power.This is known as sin-chi.To perform a sin-chi you have to either have the move in your bloodline are you have to master the move really well.There are a million of moves to be done.

The BasicsEdit

There are five types of spiritual energy techniques but only 3 have been discovered.Chi,Ki, and Ki-Chi.These all will help you discover new moves to perform.


Some moves have requirements so they wont be easily to command and master.

  • Normal Sin-Chi

These moves can be done with a little practice and preparation.There not that hard to project.

Example:Element Ball Lv.1 used by Ryuu Genzo

  • Illusion Sin-Chi is almost as hard to use because you have to have the bloodline in your blood to activate these moves.You also have to have the illusion effect on to use it.

Example:RaShinko used by Admiral Kiryu.

  • Alchemy Sin-Chi is the hardest moves to master because you have to have a whole lot of chi to even project such a move.You have to conjure up material from other items were you are mixing your chi with them.

Example:Chain Reaction used by Vicktor.


Sin-Chi also requires a chant to be said as you perform these moves.The Chants are not made up they are words from natural things in this world.There are 12 words that can equal up too a thousand of moves.There are more requirements that you must abide by.Depending on your Neo-Lv you are limited to how many words can be in your chant,see more words equal more power and better moves.The highest number of words in a chant is 8 so far this move is called Teckno-Gun.

  • Ch`i
  • Sui
  • Ka
  • F`u
  • K`u
  • Bēng
  • Vāyu
  • Du`
  • Li
  • Ki
  • Sin

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