Drake Kiryu
Drakes 1st design
Drake Kiryu
Age 14
Date of birth Aug,17
Birth Place Degrad Valley
Style Diamond Style
Weapon Diamond Sword
Height 5'7
Weight 178.64
Specialty Diamond Rain
Rank Neo-Tyro

Admiral Kiryu Oldest Brother
Leo Kiryu Big Brother

Creation and ConceptionEdit

Drake's character design was overseen by Sean Mounday. Drake's usual outfit consists of the clothing, warrior jumper. A Skull buckle is strapped on his belt, largely hidden beneath the lower rim of his vest. His sandy brown hair is sectioned in two layers, the layer closest to his face a darker shade of brown than the one behind it. His light hazel eyes are positioned directly beneath the bangs of the layer closest to his face. He carries an Diamond Sword on his back positioned just right for easy access.He wears a bandanna around his hair(not Shown).His hair is spiked and goes up and back.(Except when in mage mode)He wears dark jogging pants for faster movement and wears two straps around each leg were he keeps his bricks.Last he also wears Boot-Shoes (Shoes that look and act like boots) also a way of movement.

Character OutlineEdit



Drake is known for his catchphrases, most notably "It's Now or Never" when hes always ready for a plan, "Is that all" when someone attacks him. "Of Course" when winning a fight. Another common phrase he says during his fights is "I give It My All." In the Japanese version, he uses the phrase "Gotcha! Tanoshii no fight dattaze!", which translates into “Gotcha! That was a waste of effort!”. Both versions show the character as extremely eager and carefree in matches, although the English version exaggerates his comical side and often gives him playfully narcissistic dialog.


Plot OverviewEdit

Appearances in mediaEdit

Even though Drake is not a titular character, Drake has appeared in all of the series' movies thus far, plus the additional OVAs that follow. In the first Hencachi movie, Drake and his gang are assigned to discover the truth of the Nightmares palns, the secretive friend of a movie character Drake becomes buds with. Nightmare, however, turns out to secretly be evil and wants to destroy the world, and by the first movie's end Nightmare, who has not acquired his world, leaves Drake with an mark to never forget.The second movie begins with Drake, Ruby, and Charlie Medaly delivering alot of Chi Serum to the village of mono, where through a chain of events they eventually get involved with a tournament between them.

Drake is a playable character in all of the Hencachi Stroy video games. In 2 games, it is possible to unlock and play a version of him in the Demon mode. In Hencachi Story - Night of The Veil and Hencachi Story - Night of The Veil 2, a sage of the mataskafee (that in one episode he fantasized about being) is playable. He is given his own variations of Andro Pien and Ryuu Genzo trademark techniques named after himself. In the Path of Destiny video game series, Drake is playable in various stages of the Shin manifestation, all characterized by a red-colored chi emitting from his powers.

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